Let mom help you choose new sunglasses

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Spending time with your mother is always a good way to keep your relationship strong. Whether it’s by taking her out to lunch every now and then, or by sending her some flowers for no reason other than to say you’re thinking of her.

The two of you have been through thick and thin, and she’s always been there when you needed her. Like the time you decided to cut your hair and it turned out bad. Can you say cereal bowl for a template?

How about when you brought over the guy you thought you were head over heels for and he turned out to be a weirdo? She shook her head, bit her lip and held her tongue until the relationship went sour.

And of course, the two of you have always seemed able to bond over shopping be it at the mall, on vacation or simply in the local neighborhood to find the perfect dress. You value her insight and her taste has always been impeccable.

This spring while you’re home for your break why not grab mom and take her to Utah Eye Centers and let her help you pick out a new pair of trendy sunglasses you can rock all season long?

Utah Eye Centers has a wide variety of styles and designers to choose from. Bring mom along and maybe she’ll get a matching pair to sport when you’re together!

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