Take the best care of your glasses

68672698 - women hand cleaning glasses lens with isolated backgroundYou spend a lot of time and money on your eyeglasses, so why shouldn’t you take the best care of them possible? If you know how to properly clean, handle and store your eyeglasses, they will definitely stand the test of time.

Here are some tips to ensure your glasses will last as long as possible:

Wash often
Wash your glasses at least once a day. Use a mild soap and water solution. You can also use a lens cleaner that is designed specifically for glasses. This will remove any dirt or debris that could potentially damage your glasses. Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions on your glasses. These can strip the coating off of the lenses and cause other damage.

Make sure you always rinse your glasses off with water before you wipe or clean them. Rinsing will help clean off any dust or dirt particles that settle on your lens.

Air dry and use the right cloth
If you can wait for a bit after rinsing your glasses, let them air dry. This is the best way to ensure no materials will get on your lens. If you can’t wait, use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth. A lint-free cloth is the best way to clean your glasses, as it won’t leave any streaks or residue behind.

Grip firmly
When you clean your glasses make sure you grip firmly the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. This will prevent you from bending the frame while you clean your glasses.

Store properly
When you are not wearing your glasses, store them in a case. A hard case will protect them from being scratched or damaged. Most glasses come with a case to put them in. Keeping them in the case will prevent your specs from getting scratched, bent or broken. Make sure your case is also in a safe place away from children.

Place carefully
If you ever need to put your glasses down for a minute, make sure you never put them with the glasses’ lens down. This will ultimately lead to scratched lenses. You should also avoid leaving your glasses in direct sunlight, as this can cause the lenses to warp over time. And don’t place them where they are likely to be knocked off (such as a kitchen counter or the end table where you keep your remote and coffee cup).

Scratched or broken lenses will need to be replaced even before it’s time for your annual eye exam. If you love your frames, you can continue to use them even if your prescription changes. But you’ll want to make sure your frames are not broken. Follow these steps, and your glasses will stay in great shape until your next visit. Questions about your eyes or your glasses? Visit Utah Eye Centers or call today: (801) 476-0494