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Determining whether you need eyeglasses

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Your husband just came crashing through the front door from work and he is fit to be tied — yet again. This seems to be a pattern and you’re not sure how you can help.

But being the good wife that you are, you let him unwind after he sets his briefcase down. You tell him to put on his sweats and grab a beer.

In front of the TV you notice he is rubbing his eyes and when you ask him if he’s feeling a cold coming on or if he’s tired, he replies his eyes are bothering him.

Of course, his new job has been difficult and demanding, and stressing him out big time. However, he also sits at the computer for hours on end at home and at work. This makes you wonder if perhaps he needs glasses or at least reading glasses.

While he’s never worn eyeglasses before it may be time for him to get an exam to determine if he does need to wear them at least when he’s in front of the computer screen.

At Utah Eye Centers we specialize in all things eye related and we’d love to be able to help. Call us today and schedule an exam with one of our professionals and let’s see if we can get your husband back to his happy, healthy self — minus the eye pain.

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