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New year, new you? Here’s how

You’ve seen the commercials and many of your good friends have already taken the plunge: opted for a cosmetic procedure or two.

What about you? Is it your time to get a liquid facelift on your lunch break or when you have a few free minutes in between lugging the kids back and forth to sports activities?

As stated by Sheikh Ahmad, liquid facelift is another term for choosing to receive a cosmetic injection to help improve your overall appearance. Typically these procedures take a short time and are minimally invasive. In fact, many people pay a visit to get such injections done during their lunch hours and are able to return to work without any issues or downtime.

For example, if you feel like you want to tone down the crows’ feet around your eyes, plump up your lips or smooth the appearance of other fine lines for a more youthful look, now you can.  More people are choosing not to go under the knife for a surgery procedure and signing up for faster, easier and more instant results via cosmetic injections including Botox, Juvéderm and others. If you are someone who wants to bypass going all in for a facelift at the plastic surgeon’s office cosmetic injections might be for you. Here’s the procedure for facelift Louisville for those who want to learn more about this surgery.

At Utah Eye Centers, we aren’t just about eyes as we offer an array of these injections administered by professionals.

We invite you to call any of our four locations and schedule a consultation to learn more about cosmetic injections.

Start off 2019 by looking and feeling a lot better about yourself!

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