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Addressing your child’s eye problems

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Your son’s teacher called today and mentioned she noticed he was having trouble reading and you wondered what to do about it. Should you take him to see an eye doctor for kids?

It’s probably a good idea since adults aren’t the only ones who can suffer from a variety of eye issues.

At Utah Eye Centers we have children’s eye doctors who specialize in what is known as pediatric eyecare and who can determine if there is a problem, as well as treat your child. We are proud to recommend Dr. Michael Bullard who is the only certified pediatric ophthalmologist in Northern Utah.

Some pediatrics issues include Strabismus which is caused by a nerve injury or a dysfunction of the muscles controlling the eye. This may result in a misalignment of the eyes which will make one of the eyes to turn inward, outward, downward or upward. At Utah Eye Centers, Dr. Bullard treats kids and adults for Strabismus.

Another children’s eye disorder might be Amblyopia which happens in early childhood when nerve pathways between the brain and eye aren’t properly stimulated and the brain favors the other eye. This is commonly known as a lazy eye. Symptoms can include a wandering eye, eyes that may not appear to work together, or poor depth perception. Dr. Bullard will find the best treatment available for your child if his is the issue.

There’s also Nasolacrimalduct Obstruction which means the obstruction of tear ducts. Obstruction of tear ducts leads to an excess overflow of tears. The most common cause is the failure of the membrane at the end of the tear duct. After Dr. Bullard discovers a clogged tear duct, he will provide you or your child with the correct treatment.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bullard at Utah Eye Centers today to determine if your child has any kind of eye disorder or issue that needs treatment.

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