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How to keep your eyes in tip-top shape as you age

Workplace vision problems

Ever found yourself doing this at work? As we begin to age, our bodies don’t function as well as they used to. In fact, they may cause us to reflect back on these famous words from the Rolling Stones.

“What a drag it is getting old.”

Truth is, we need to be that old for our joints to start creaking. We don’t need to be that old to find it a little more difficult to pull ourselves out of bed after a long day in the yard. And we don’t need to be than old for our eyesight to get worse.

When it comes to eyesight, here’s a statistic worth considering. More than half of Americans over the age of 60 face the prospect of cataracts. Don’t let that scare you. Rather, find some comfort in knowing that there are treatment options aplenty for an eye condition that affects so many Americans.

Here at the Utah Eye Centers, we have years of experience providing patients with nothing but the best, most-effective optical care when their vision becomes a little less clear than it used to be. Whether you require Limbal Relaxing Incisions, Toric Lenses, or Laser Enhancements, our friendly, knowledgeable team of professional optometrists will work with you to form a thorough, effective plan of attack that both addresses your personal health challenges and provides optimum results.

Since everyone’s needs are different, just like everyone’s eyes are different, it’s important that we have a one-on-one consultation with you in order to fully examine your eyes and see what treatment options will be most effective.

To find out more about our variety of cataract procedures just visit us here: We look forward to working with you to make sure you have the best possible vision for the years ahead.

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