Eyeglasses: the must-have hot new fashion accessory

63969662_MDid you know wearing glasses has come of age? Yes, indeed.

Perhaps you were teased as a kid on the school playground because you wore glasses: “Hey, four eyes,” or someone made fun of you because you had to wear bifocals that were as thick as a Coke bottle’s bottom.

Well, wearing glasses has now taken on a whole new meaning and that’s a good thing. In fact, for the millions who wear glasses to help them see, sporting glasses is also now a cool, fashionable thing.

And if you are someone who must wear glasses to see far or near, or in between, choosing the right glasses for your face is key to looking great.

But, if you haven’t a clue as to what looks appropriate on a square face, a round face, or a heart-shaped face, no problem. The professionals at Utah Eye Centers are at the ready to help you find the perfect pair of glasses so you look in style.

We have all kinds of glasses from tortoise and metal to plastic frames. We also carry top brands from popular designers such as Liz Claiborne, Bebe, Espirit, Versace, Vera Wang and many more.

Stop by today or make an appointment for an eye exam, too, and we’ll be sure to fit you for a terrific new pair of glasses that are as fashionable as they are practical. You’ll love the way you look, we guarantee it!

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