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How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses are one of the most common ways to correct vision, with more than 45 million Americans regularly wearing them. This is one of the safest and most effective vision correction strategies assuming the contact lenses are taken care of correctly.

16277170 - contact lenses, on pink-blue backgroundAlthough millions of Americans purchase and wear contacts yearly, most don’t wear them properly or take the correct steps to clean and replace them regularly. If you suspect you’re wearing your contacts incorrectly or experiencing any eye pain, be sure to contact your optometrist immediately to correct the situation. In the meantime, follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy while wearing contact lenses:

Never sleep in your contact lenses

It’s important to avoid sleeping in your contact lenses at all costs because those who have been proven to be at eight times greater risk of an eye infection, according to the CDC. The lack of oxygen to the eye means the body can’t fight off microorganisms and puts you at greater risk for bacterial infections like bacterial keratitis, acanthamoeba keratitis and fungal keratitis.

If you regularly forget to take your contacts out at night, try establishing a nighttime routine that includes taking your contacts out, washing your face, brushing your teeth and anything else that soothes you and creates a sense of routine. You could even try setting a daily alarm on your phone to remind you to take your contacts out.

If you accidentally sleep with your contacts in, remove them immediately with a soft lubricant like eye drops. From there, give your eyes a break by wearing your glasses and watching for any symptoms.

Properly clean contact lenses

Never use water when cleaning your lenses because it quickly dries out and brings in bacteria. Instead, use a contact lens disinfecting solution that’s fresh whenever you store your contact lenses in a case. Be sure to replace your contact lens case at least once every three months for optimal cleaning. When you are ready to remove your contact lenses from the case, only do so with freshly washed hands.

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