Best hair and makeup tips for glasses wearers

Glasses are more than just something that helps you see better. If you wear glasses, you know: glasses are a fashion statement. Whether you’re getting a haircut or doing your make-up, you have to take your glasses into account. And it’s true, your hair and make-up can make or break the way your favorite frames look.

Smiling young teen girl wearing white shirt and glasses drink tea in kitchen.

You want glasses that compliment your style and aesthetic. But if you’re not sure how to incorporate your speaks, take a look at a few of our favorite suggestions and tips and tricks.

You’ll be feeling even more stylish and confident in no time.


Highlight your eyes. Did you know your eyes tend to look darker behind frames? While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can mean people don’t see the beauty of your sparkling eyes. To bring more attention to your eyes, try using highlighter. You can use either a liquid or powder highlighter in the corner of your eyelid or right under the arch of your eyebrow crease. You can also try adding an iridescent eye shadow in the center of your lid. These will reflect light and bring a little more sparkle behind your frames. Try Mac’s Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter for a versatile option.

Go darker. This may seem in contrast to what we said above, but hear us out. Depending on the color of your lenses, you may want to go darker with your eyeliner and mascara. A dark, black mascara or bold liner will also bring more attention to your eyes. This will give you a dramatic, modern look, as well.

Use your brow. Your eyebrows still show behind your frames, so don’t forget about those, either. Your frames, too, will bring a bit more focus to them. If your brows are light, you may want to fill them in with a slightly darker eyebrow pencil. This will help them look fuller and more defined. Just make sure to not overfill or draw them on too darkly.

Set it. After your make-up is done, don’t forget to set it. Sometimes our glasses cause our foundation or concealer smudge around our nose and cheeks. Dust any areas where your glasses touch your face with translucent setting powder or use a setting spray.


During a haircut. During your appointment, make sure to wear your glasses. This will give your stylist an idea of your everyday look and how your glasses interact with your hair. They may ask you to remove your frames while cutting, but make sure to put your speaks back on for the final look.

Be careful with bangs. Bangs and glasses can be a great look, but you’ll want to make sure your bangs fall in a way that doesn’t hit or interact with your frames. You might want to have your stylist texturize your banks so they lay lighter on your forehead.

Large-frames. If you have large-framed glasses, think about choosing a long, layered style with extra volume on the sides. Straight or shorter styles will just make them look larger.

Small-frames. If you have small-framed glasses, a short-cropped, wavy style will highlight your face but still give it space. A bob style will cause the face to appear smaller.

Aesthetic tips: Think about owning more than one pair of frames. Having a few to choose from gives you a bit of versatility based on your outfit or style for the day. You might want to have a darker, more dramatic pair as well as a thinner frame. This way you’re not stuck with one look all the time.

If it’s time for a new pair or exam, come see us. We can answer all your questions about glasses (or contacts!) and help you find your next favorite pair. Visit our website to learn more: