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4 Tips to help keep your lenses clean

Miniature people worker cleaning eyes glasses.Ever have a smudge on your lenses that just won’t wipe away? Sometimes it seems the more you try to remove the smudge, the worse it gets. Fingerprints, dust, rain — whatever it is, it will impair your vision.

Here are 4 tips to help get your lenses – and your clear vision – back!

1 – Start by washing your hands. Chances are pretty good that you’ll just get the lenses dirty again or worse than the already are if you handle them before a good hand-washing.

2 – Find a soft, microfiber cloth. If you don’t have a lens cloth handy, a towel should do the trick, as long as it is clean. Steer clear of using anything abrasive for cleaning. Even one time using a paper towel, toilet paper or rough fabric can damage your lenses. Tissues can also leave scratches and many brands use lotion. Most will leave behind lint.

3 – Spray lenses with a cleaning solution OR run ender cool water and rub lenses with small drop of dish soap. Avoid using any soap that has lotion or ingredients to protect or soften skin. Avoid rubbing dry lenses to clean them. Dry particles and debris may rub scratches on the lenses. Don’t use saliva or hot breath to moisten the lenses. This can introduce bacteria to the surface and leave germs on the lenses. Also avoid using glass cleaning products, unless they are intended for use with eyeglasses.

4 – Wipe dry with the cloth or towel. Be sure the lenses are dry before you put your glasses back on. No sense in dirtying what you just cleaned by leaving the surface wet and prone to particles sticking.

Remember to store your glasses in the protective case when you’re not wearing them. It never hurts to stash an extra case in your car, purse or bag with an extra cleaning cloth inside.

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