Don’t let these bad habits hurt your eyes

45393148_MLOur eyes help us to see the world around us. They make it possible for us to drive, read the written word and observe the beauty of Mother Nature. They’re also incredibly durable. However, they aren’t invincible. Here’s a closer look at three bad habits that can cause damage to your eyes over time. The good news? They are easy to avoid.

Not wearing sunglasses. Every time you go outside, your eyes are exposed to the sun’s powerful rays. These rays don’t just damage your skin, they can negatively impact the health of your eyes as well. Protecting your vision is as easy as wearing a quality pair of UV-blocking sunglasses. Make sure to wear your sunglasses on cloudy days as well; UV rays are always present. We can help you select a great pair that will provide the protection your eyes need.

Staring at electronic screens. Modern work involves spending long periods of time looking at electronic screens. Whether you’re writing emails to colleagues or using a smartphone to catch up on the latest news, all of that screen time causes strain. There’s actually a name for this condition: computer vision syndrome. If your job requires you to work at a computer for lengthy periods of time, make sure to take frequent breaks and look away from your workspace whenever possible. Be aware of how much time you spend looking at screens each day and make sure you allocate time to give your eyes a proper break.

Sleeping with your contacts in. No matter which kind of contacts you wear, follow all usage guidelines and recommendations. It’s vital for keeping your eyes healthy. There are many people who either forget to take their contacts out when they sleep or don’t think sleeping in contacts can damage their eyes. Not following best practices when wearing contacts can do serious damage to your eyes. We can help you with proper care and wear of your contacts.

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