Eye exams are vital for detecting and treating glaucoma

Senior couple relaxingGlaucoma often isn’t on our minds as we move through middle age. But that’s just when we need to start paying more attention. How often do you think those 55 to 64 should have complete eye exams?

A) Every two to four years
B) Every six to 12 months
C) Every one to three years
D) Every one to two years

If you guessed D, you’re right! The Glaucoma Research Foundation recommends we start having complete eye exams every two to four years before age 40, every one to three years from age 40 to 54, and every one to two years from age 55 to 64. When we hit 65, we should see an eye doctor for a full exam every six to 12 months! Why is that so? Babies can be born with glaucoma, but it’s much more common among older people. In fact, you are six times more likely to get glaucoma if you’re over 60. If you’re African-American, you also are at higher risk.

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness. It occurs when the eye’s drainage system becomes clogged so the intraocular fluid — the clear fluid in the front part of the eye — cannot drain. Pressure builds within the eye as the fluid builds up, and that pressure damages the sensitive optic nerve and causes vision loss. There is no cure, yet, for glaucoma, but if you catch it early enough, your doctor can prescribe medication or perhaps surgery that can prevent it from getting worse.

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