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Back-to-school tips for students

44127272_M (2)Do you have a student getting ready for back-to-school? If that’s the case, then it’s likely one of your top priorities to make sure your child is ready to do their best.

We can help! As you’re picking up school supplies and planning out the carpool, be sure to do the following four things to ensure your child has a great school year.

  1. Check in with your student to make sure they’ll be able to see to the front of the class. That might mean scheduling an eye exam if it’s been a while. You can ask older children and teens if they’ve noticed any changes in what they can see. For younger children, you can watch and see if you notice them straining to make out signs or items at a distance.
  2. Teach good habits for computer use. Let your children know that they need to take a break now and again from screens to prevent eye strain. Model good habits of that practice yourself, as well.
  3. If your child plays a sport, or will be taking science, make sure you have protective goggles if needed.
  4. Stress the value of proper hygiene habits, good sleep and good nutrition to stay healthy. What’s good for your overall health is good for your eyes. Helping your student to care for themselves sets them up for academic success, and a healthier life!

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