What causes eye strain, and why it matters

??????????????????????????????Is eye strain a disease? No. What we think of as eye strain is a set of unpleasant symptoms that can often be avoided. But we should take note when we experience eye strain, because the condition may give us clues about our vision and overall eye health.

So, what causes eye strain? The condition is brought on by periods of intense focus and use of vision. It can be caused by long periods of reading small print, lots of time looking at computer screens, long drives, and very dark or bright conditions.

How do you know if you’re experiencing eye strain? Take note of these symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Blurry vision
  • Feelings of eye dryness and scratchiness
  • Doubling vision
  • Other general discomfort

For the most part, eye strain is a normal part of life. Think of your eyes in the same way you would your muscles. Overuse leads to fatigue, right? But we mentioned that there are times you should take note, because your eye strain might be providing clues about your health.

Eye strain can be brought on more quickly due to refractive errors in your vision, when your eyes aren’t working together to focus properly, or if you have other developing eye and vision problems. In those cases, think of your eye as a weak muscle that tires more quickly. That’s when eye strain is telling you to see a doctor. Getting glasses can reduce eye strain, by improving your vision so that your eye doesn’t have to work so hard.

If you’re experiencing eye strain regularly, take a break! Then give us a call. A full vision checkup will tell you if you need to make corrections that will help you see better, and reduce strain.

Have questions about your vision, how to prevent eye damage, or need to talk through an issue? Please reach out to us at Utah Eye Centers! We can ‘shine a light’ on your options. We look forward to meeting with you!