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Is poor vision keeping you from your summer reading list?

Sitting at the beach on a beautiful summer day is a luxury that should be enjoyed. Many of us work 40 hours or more each week and it’s nice to have a few hours on the weekend to lounge near a body of water and catch up on a good book.

Your Saturday mornings all start the same: you grab the novel you’re currently reading, a cool beverage, your comfy lounge chair and you’re ready to roll. You arrive at the pool, beach or park (wherever you go to relax), sit down and open your book. But something’s not right.

The words and letters on the page look blurry and you’re struggling to make out the first paragraph let alone an entire page. You start thinking maybe it’s just the bright summer sun that’s causing the issue, so you put on your sunglasses and start again. Same problem.

It’s very possible that it’s not the sun or your reading glasses. Nope, you might just need an eye exam and/or a new prescription. Yep, it’s time to schedule an eye exam at Utah Eye Centers and get things straightened out. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate doctors boasts years of experience, and they’re here to serve you. Call today to schedule an appointment. They’ll have you back to your summer reading in no time!

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