Learn how to take care of your glasses

eye care

If you wear contact lenses, or have in the past, you know that they require some maintenance. You have to clean, soak, and store them in a clean case. If you’re considering switching to glasses because they are easier to care for, know that glasses require some upkeep to keep them looking good.

If you wear eyeglasses, you know how expensive they can be. You want to make sure you do whatever you can to extend their life. Take note of the following tips to make sure your eyewear stays clean and looking fresh for a long time.

  • Use a hard-shell case. This should be the right size for your glasses. When you’re not wearing them, protect them from scratches. Never put your glasses into a purse, bag or pocket unprotected.
  • Clean your glasses daily. Ensure your hands are clean, then gently rinse your glasses with lukewarm water to remove any dust or debris. Use a little dishwashing liquid and rub gently. Rinse and dry with a lint-free towel. Never wipe lenses when they are dry, as any debris on the surface could cause scratches.
  • Never lay glasses down with their lenses facing downward. It doesn’t matter what kind of surface you are laying them on, the lenses will scratch if you place them face down.
  • Don’t leave glasses in a hot car. Heat can warp the earpieces and loosen the hinges. High temperatures can expand and contract lenses causing warping.
  • Don’t lay your glasses on a vanity top. Things like hair spray, perfume and cosmetics can damage anti-reflective coating.
  • Develop good habits in caring for your glasses and your eyes will be a lot happier and healthier. We have a wide selection of frame and contact lenses. Contact us today at one of our three locations in Salt Lake City, Bountiful Hills and Mount Ogden.

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