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Tips For Eye Health

One of the most powerful organs in the body is your eyes. It is not only the window to the soul, but the window to your world. Your eyes have one of the most active muscle systems in the body. Your eyes are moving constantly, even while you are sleeping. Saccadic eye movements are happening over 100 times per second. The information gathered by the eye and interpreted by the brain is very complex, yet opens a whole new world of information and stimulus to us all. So don’t turn a “blind eye” concerning your eye’s health. Here are a few tips to keep your eyes healthy.

Tips For Eye Health:

Computer Fatigue
Computer use has increased eye stress and fatigue. Check out More Bonuses here if you need eye check ups. If you manage a few adjustments you may find less fatigue. If you are at the computer longer than an hour a day, make sure you take a break about every 20-30 minutes and look out into the distance for 2-3 minutes and then resume your computer work. If you are on the computer all day long make sure you add a 5 minute walk about every 2 hours. Change the location of your computer so there is no glare on the monitor. You decrease your blink rate by 25-30 percent while on the computer so dry eye is a concern. You may find artificial tears beneficial or lowering your computer screen so your eyes are looking down. This will allow for a smaller opening between the lids and may help with dry eye. You could get legal help in case of an injury or accident and read more about this and find out about the pedestrian laws.

Physical Exercise
A routine exercise plan will reduce the risk of developing diabetes, the number one cause of blindness in the United States. Exercise can also reduce the eye pressure by up to 20 percent allowing for a lower risk for glaucoma.

Protective Eye Wear
Wear protective eyewear whenever you are in a hazardous situation. This will include most sports, especially racquet ball and paint ball. Even when working in the yard, lawn mowers and trimmers throw projectiles at very high speeds that can permanently damage your eyes. Hammering a nail or using chemicals all have risk for eye injury so use the appropriate eye protection.

Wear Shades
With the Ozone layer breaking down we are getting more harmful radiation exposure. The eye absorbs much of this in the cornea, lens and retina. It is important to use sun glasses that protect from UVA and UVB radiation.

Don’t Smoke
Smoking increases the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts and optic nerve disease. If you smoke and have diabetes you increase your risk of diabetic retinopathy the leading cause of blindness in the United States.

Omega 3
Omega 3 not only helps the heart, but it helps in many ways for your eye health too. It adds a protective factor and also can help combat dry eye.

Your eyes are a window to the world. Using these simple tips will aid in keeping them healthy throughout your life.