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Dry Eye Syndrome

There are many people in Utah that suffer from eye dryness. How do you know if you are one of them? There are many symptoms involved with dryness. These include redness, burning, itching, sandy sensation, eye fatigue, watering, and blurriness. For many people this is a chronic disease that can last a lifetime. It is important to know that in most dry eye sufferers there is more than one cause of their dryness.

Dryness is most common starting in the 40’s or 50’s and can progressively worsen with age due to decreased tear production. It is more common in women. It is also more common after certain eye surgeries such as Lasik and cataract surgery. People who use the computer or read for long periods of time are more prone to dry eye symptoms. Certain medications can cause dryness. In a recent survey we learned that the Wasatch Front is the 7th worst area in the nation for Dry Eye Syndrome due to the hot and arid climate, high altitude, pollution (especially during the inversion), and allergens common to the area.

There are many treatments available for dryness. There are traditional treatments such as artificial tears, topical steroids, night ointments, and hot compresses. There are also newer treatments for dryness including the Lipiflow system, which is available at the Utah Eye Centers. The Lipiflow system can unplug blocked glands in your eyelids that are crucial for excreting a portion of the tears that prevent evaporation of the tears and lubricate the eye. The cause of your dryness and how severe it is, will determine what treatment options may be chosen.

If you suffer from dry eye symptoms, please come in and see our doctors for customized recommendations and to receive the newest treatments to help relieve this irritating condition.