Financing Options

We understand the importance of your vision in your daily life. Seeing the world in focus without the hassle of contacts or glasses should be attainable for all of our patients. The decision to have laser eye surgery may feel like more of a financial decision, rather than a medical or lifestyle choice. The Utah Eye Centers offers financing through a company called CareCredit. You can pay for refractive surgeries, cosmetic procedures and much more with your CareCredit Card. Applying is simple all you have to do is visit their website and fill out the online application. Another way to reduce the cost for LASIK is through the use of an employer-provided flexible spending account. These accounts allow employees the ability to set aside pre-tax dollars for approved medical expenses. This can save individuals significantly through tax savings. With a variety of options available to make Laser Vision Correction more affordable, seeing clearly again or for the first time is now well worth the investment.


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