Jamie Monroe, M.D.

  • Specializing in:
    General ophthalmologist with a specialty in Cataracts and LASIK
  • Location:
    Orem & Jackson hole Wyoming

Dr. Jamie Monroe is a board certified ophthalmologist with more than 25 years of experience. She performed a fellowship in cataract and glaucoma surgery at the University of Utah and has had positions at the University of Utah and Vanderbilt University training other eye surgeons. She performs a variety of surgical eye procedures and helps each patient tailor a plan for a lifetime of vision. Recent technologies give patients even more choices than before.

Dr. Monroe performs more than 2,000 eye surgeries annually. Her calm demeanor and precision in all aspects of surgery are qualities her patients appreciate. Dr. Monroe has a way of making you comfortable and assured before, during and after your surgical eye procedure. With all of her patients, she is committed to making sure they have the best experience possible while achieving excellent vision results. Dr. Monroe is based in Orem at the main surgical headquarters. She also provides Refractive Surgeries at centers in Vernal, Utah and Jackson Wyoming.