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Dr. Wilcox explains KAMRA Inlays

Dr. Mike Wilcox, is from Davis County and graduated from Weber State University. He then earned his degree from the Medical University of South Carolina with honors as well as receiving many scholarships, awards and recognitions including national recognition for his research in ocular lens implants. He completed his Ophthalmology Residency at the University of … Continue reading Dr. Wilcox explains KAMRA Inlays

Presbyopia- The Final Frontier

Dr. Michael Wilcox, M.D., recently gave a fantastic presentation for all of the surrounding optometrists in the Weber and Davis counties. In the presentation, he spoke about the most successful treatments available for presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition likely to happen to the majority of people as they age and lose their near vision. Currently … Continue reading Presbyopia- The Final Frontier

Kamra Inlay

Understanding Presbyopia (Near Vision Loss) Due to the aging process everyone suffers from Presbyopia. What is Presbyopia? As a person matures into their forties their lens looses it’s ability to accommodate or change it’s shape to focus on up-close items. To explain it simpler Presbyopia can be compared to a camera. When anyone takes a … Continue reading Kamra Inlay