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Presbyopia- The Final Frontier

Dr. Michael Wilcox, M.D., recently gave a fantastic presentation for all of the surrounding optometrists in the Weber and Davis counties. In the presentation, he spoke about the most successful treatments available for presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition likely to happen to the majority of people as they age and lose their near vision. Currently 125 million people in the United States suffer from some degree of presbyopia. There are a number of treatments available for presbyopia, including both surgical and non-surgical options. The non-surgical options include reading glasses, mono-vision contacts, bifocal contacts and multifocal contacts. These are viable options but they still require the patient to deal with the hassle and frustration of putting in contacts or pulling out reading glasses. There are also surgical options available to patients including multifocal and accommodative lenses commonly used in Cataract surgery. Dr. Wilcox also discussed a procedure that has recently been approved in the United States but has been performed for over 10 years in Europe. This procedure will allow patients to reduce if not completely eliminate the need for reading glasses or contacts. This procedure is called the KAMRA Inlay and it was FDA approved back in April of 2015. This new procedure involves the placing of a small inlay in the first layer of the cornea. The inlay then causes the light to focus on the retina using a pinhole effect which helps restore near vision. Because it is a new procedure and the Utah Eye Centers is one of the few practices in the country to be able to perform them, the optometrists in attendance were excited to learn about this new procedure which can correct a condition that will affect the majority of the population. Dr. Wilcox invited three KAMRA Inlay patients to attend the presentation and give an account of their experience with the procedure. All three are able to perform their normal activities without the need to rely upon reading glasses. If you are suffering with the frustration, headache and continual hassle of reading glasses, the Utah Eye Centers has a wide variety of solutions for you. Call us today for an easy and quick free consultation to see if the KAMRA is right for you.